Buying Tips on Pre-Owned Cars

We often have customers who are ready for a newer vehicle yet they don’t want to take on the hefty payments of a brand new car. And according to many financial advisors, buying a brand new vehicle isn’t always the wisest financial move for most household budgets. So how can you get a newer car, save some cash and ensure you are not buying into somebody else’s auto repair nightmare?

Whether you buy a pre-owned vehicle like a Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Range Rover, Land Rover, Nissan, Infinity, Diesel or Hybrid, from a dealer or from an independent seller, the number one most important thing you can do is to have that vehicle inspected by a non-bias third party mechanic. Ideally, this is your trusted auto repair shop in Phoenix. Most of the top repair shops have a very affordable Buyer’s Inspection service that allows you to have a professional technician comb through the entire vehicle BEFORE YOU BUY.

A professional auto mechanic’s eye will catch things that the average consumer will not. For example, if you open the hood of a vehicle on a car lot you will usually find a clean, bright and shiny engine compartment. The dealership has detailed every aspect of that vehicle leading an excited buyer to believe that it is a well-maintained machine. A properly performed buyer’s inspection done by a professional mechanic will detect most leaks even on a clean engine. And they will check the fluids inside the engine and other moving components to ensure there isn’t any “red flags” that you can’t see from the outside. They will also base the condition of the hoses and belts on the car by their feel and signs of wear rather than the shine the dealer has put on them.

The professional is also looking for things like uneven door and fender lines, which can indicate a wreck in the car’s past. They will pick the vehicle up on a lift and look for any overspray, new undercar coating, or new fender/bumper brackets that can also be an indicator of past damage.

Finally, they will drive the vehicle. A professional drives dozens of different cars a week. They know when something on that car doesn’t feel right, sound right or look right.

A properly performed Buyer’s Inspection at your local auto repair shop in Phoenix is well worth the investment. Most of the time the automotive mechanic will give you enough information on future repairs and service, that you can negotiate the price down to cover the inspection and the future services.

So when you are looking to update your vehicle make sure to get professional advice before you sign any contracts. Having to deal with Lemon Laws and Warranties after the purchase is a lot more of a hassle than having your trusted auto repair shop help you make a wise purchasing decision.