Hot weather here in Phoenix

With the hot weather here now in Phoenix, I thought it may be a good time for some reminders on vehicle maintance.

1.  Check your tire pressures.  When a tire gets low on inflation the likely hood of it blowing out is greater.  With the weather change taking place it is a good idea to have your pressures checked.  If you do not know what the pressure should be in the tires there is usually a sticker in the door jamb that will show this information.  If you have time to stop by come see us and we can adjust your air pressures for you in a few minutes and at no charge.

2.  Make sure all your fluids are full.  With the temperatures going up now is the time to check and ensure you are full on all your fluids.  Again if you stop by we will do this for you as well for no charge.

3.  Be aware of any abnormal noises or odors.  Some times these are the only warnings you get before a breakdown.  If something sounds, feels or smells different have it inspected.

Following these few tips certainly can’t guarantee you won”t have a breakdown but should lower your chances.