Peyton Manning Poll

Good morning 3A Automotive Customers,

Being a youth football coach, and an all around football fan, I want to know what you think.

As I am sure all you have heard by now, Peyton Manning has been released from the Colts.  Now he is trying to decide where to play for next.  First he visited Denver on Saturday 3/10.  Then he came here to Phoenix to visit the Arizona Cardinals.  Then Monday he met with the Dolphins and finally today he is going to Tennessee.  He stated that he wants to come to a decision quickly so teams could move forward with their free agent recruitment.   He is not doing any workouts for these teams though up to this point.  Coming off of at least 3 neck surgeries in the last year or so, is this too big of a risk for most teams?  Who do you think will end up signing him?