What’s That Noise?

I took a walk around the block today and noticed a lot of cars on the road.  Anyone living here knows that wherever you turn you will see some kind of vehicle driving down the road.  Being in tune with cars, having worked on them for most of my life, when I see a car pass and hear a noise my attention goes directly to that car.  As a matter of fact I heard a car this morning that was driving around the block and picked up that it was not running properly.  Now being trained to fix car problems (it’s in my blood!) I thought to myself, what about the person behind the wheel?  Are they even aware of the noise, or the smell or whatever?  I believe that is why people rely on a professional.  Professionals know the ins and outs of a vehicle and it is in their blood.

So what does this have to do with you?  Over the years in dealing with different people and their car problems, when explaining the situation with their car, I am amazed at the number of times the customer tells me that they noticed a problem but were not sure if it was anything to be concerned about. So a lot of the time they know!

You are more perceptive than you give yourself credit for.  Nobody knows your car better than you do and if something doesn’t sound or feel right most likely you are correct.  So when you notice anything with your vehicle, the best way to avoid costly problems is to give your mechanic a call right away.  They will most likely go for a ride with you to make sure that they hear exactly what you hear.  From there they can ensure that your car is safe and reliable and you can take all the credit for the diagnosis.

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