• Jimmy Alauria

The Five “Never, Never Neglects"

Over the past few months we have seen a lot of customers put off needed repairs and maintenance with the idea of “saving money”. With the Press constantly pushing “save” and “conserve” it is no wonder people feel this way. Well, after being in business for the past 43 years we have seen a few situations like this, and it never fails that those customers who put off maintenance and repairs end up paying a lot more than those who stay on top of things. The key to cutting automobile costs is regular maintenance and fixing problems right away. Below are five key things that you should always stay on top of no matter what. If you stay on top of these five things, we will be able to detect and prevent most major failures before they cost you a fortune.

1. 3000 Mile Service AKA Oil Change

At 3A Automotive when you get an oil change it is not just replacing the oil and filter in your vehicle. We call it a 3000 mile service because every 3000 miles your vehicle should be inspected by a professional. Our 3000 mile service includes checking the belts, hoses, battery, all vehicle fluids, tires, brakes, lights, and wipers. It is a full inspection to ensure that not only is your car reliable but also safe. You never want to neglect getting this service

2. Brake Inspection & Adjustment

When you get your oil changed at a “quick lube” station they do not check your brakes. They also don’t offer a service to make an adjustment to your brakes if your car needs this service. By regularly checking the brakes every 3000 miles, you can avoid having to replace extra parts when it is time to replace the pads. Also, if it is necessary for your brakes to be adjusted, you’ll want to stay on top of this service to ensure that you get the full life of your brakes.

3. Battery Check

Again, at 3A Automotive our 3000 mile service includes a battery check as part of the service. In Arizona a good battery will last up to five years even in the extreme heat. A battery test will indicate whether or not your battery will die in the next few weeks or months. Especially with the extreme heat of Phoenix it is important to have this checked every 3000 miles.

4. Engine Cooling System

The fluid that cools your engine is called Antifreeze. It is a non-corrosive fluid that will not only absorb more heat than water boiling at +270 degrees Fahrenheit but also has a freezing point of as much as -62 degrees Fahrenheit. As this fluid gets old, it can clog the cooling system and inhibit your vehicle from keeping itself cool or warming up in the morning

5. Transmission Fluid Exchange

A new transmission is very expensive, yet most transmission failures on vehicles with less than 100,000 miles on them are due to a lack of service. All it takes is about $200 every 30,000 miles and the modern day transmission will last a long time. When transmission fluid gets dirty it does not lubricate and does not pull heat away from the transmission and ultimately it burns itself up.

All of these items listed above are checked out during our 3000 mile service. I hope this information helps you make the decision to stay on top of these key services. The more you put off the maintenance, the more it will cost you in the long run. If you have any questions about what services your vehicle needs or what services it has already had please give us a call any time.

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