Transmission Flush

How many of us know about all of fluids that our vehicles’ rely on in order to operate properly? How many of us could name all of them? Unless you are someone who is “into cars”, you may not know the answer to those questions. That’s okay.

3A Automotive will help provide the answers. Having the answers will help you to better understand how we keep your vehicle safe and reliable. Let’s start with your vehicle’s transmission.

What Is A Transmission?

The transmission is the device that transmits power from the engine to the wheels so that you can go forward or in reverse and travel at a desired speed.

When the transmission is working properly, the only thing we think about is putting the car into gear and going. When the transmission changes gears while we drive, it seems to work smoothly and effortlessly.

In reality, your transmission works very hard. It endures extreme heat and other challenges related to traveling to your destination and back. Think if you weighed 3-4,000 pounds and you had to carry your friends and family on your back. Now imagine jogging, running, or even sprinting while doing that! Oh wait; let’s add a bunch of groceries or luggage to carry around! That’s hard work!

There are two types of transmissions: Automatic transmissions and manual transmissions (also known as ”standard” or “stick shifts”). Automatic transmissions are the most common, the easiest to use, and the most sophisticated in terms of technology. The newer your vehicle is, the more sophisticated your transmission probably is.

Transmissions rely on a specific type of fluid in order to work properly. The fluid helps with several functions, so the condition of the fluid is critical.

The first sign of transmission wear is a change in fluid color. When transmission fluid “ages”, the fluid becomes progressively darker. Some transmissions put more “stress” on the fluid, which will affect how quickly it ages.

3A Automotive inspects the condition of your transmission fluid each time you have your vehicle serviced. When the transmission needs to be serviced, 3A will recommend a transmission fluid flush.

What Is A Transmission Fluid Flush?

he easiest way to explain it what this service does is explain it like what a wash machine does when it rinses the clothes. The dirty water is drained out of the tub and clean, fresh water is put in the tub.

3A Automotive uses a special machine designed to attach to your transmission and flush out the old, nasty fluid and replace it with fresh clean fluid. The vehicles owner’s manual will explain how often this service is recommended. The true determination of when a flush needs to be done is based on the condition of the fluid.

Essentially, when it is time, it is time.

Performing transmission fluid flushes when recommended can greatly extend the life of your vehicle. This is one of the ways that 3A helps save you money and provide peace of mind.

Arizona Service Interval: Every 15,000 – 30,000 miles

NOTE: Due to the excessive heat and dust in Phoenix, and just about all of Arizona, we follow the “SEVERE CONDITIONS” service intervals recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Above is the average service intervals we recommend. Although this is a good guide, individual driving habits, fluid conditions and the owner’s manual can alter when these services are recommended on your specific vehicle.
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