Brakes System Flush

What do you think of when you think about the brakes on your vehicle? Some people think about brake pads or brake shoes. There are others think about brake rotors, etc.

You may be thinking, “Give me a break with all the mechanic talk! I think about just stopping my vehicle!”

You know when your brakes may need service when you start hearing squeaks and squeals from your brakes. The same can be said if the brake pedal feels “mushy” or if you have to press on the brakes harder than you used in order to stop.

These are not the first signs your vehicle sends that your brake system needs maintenance. There are other signals that the brake system sends to indicate that maintenance will be needed.

3A Automotive inspects your vehicle for these signs as part of our 65-point inspection. One of the easiest, least expensive, yet one of the most critical maintenance services that one can do for their vehicle is a brake fluid flush.

What Is A Brake Fluid Flush?

That’s a good question. In order to answer it, a more basic question should be asked first: What is brake fluid?

Brake fluid can withstand very high temperatures and pressure that are created each and every time your brakes are applied. When you step on the brake pedal, different parts (known as brake system components) work together compress the fluid and pressurize the system. Yes, that sounds complicated.

An easy way to imagine how a brake system works is to take a CD or DVD, roll it along a table while holding your thumb and forefingers on either side of it. Now pinch your thumb and fingers together to stop the disc. Now imagine rolling a 45lb weight plate (like you may see at the gym) on the same table.

When pinch your thumb and fingers together in the second example, it would be more difficult to do because you would have pinch with greater force. That force is created in part by compression of the blood in your muscles

That’s essentially how your brake system works. When brake fluid in your brake system is dirty and the fluid level is low, it is more difficult for the brake system to apply enough pressure to stop your vehicle. The fluid also gets moisture in it over time. Brake fluid with moisture in it takes more applied pressure to stop your vehicle and it can corrode parts in your braking system. When your brake fluid is dirty and has water in it, the physical task of braking become more difficult for you and is harder on the vehicle.

3A Automotive gives your vehicle the 65 point inspection every time you are in to make sure the fluids are healthy. By having 3A Automotive do a brake fluid flush when needed your braking system will last longer and will function properly.

AZ Service Interval: Every 24,000 mile 
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