What’s a tune up? The answer actually depends on several factors. A tune up on an older vehicle is defined differently than a tune up for a newer vehicle. There are simply too many variables for each year, make, and model of vehicle to explain them properly here. However, the solution is simple:

Every Vehicle Needs Some Sort Of A Tune-Up At Some Time

What that entails is specific to each type of vehicle. The best way to know is to bring your vehicle to 3A Automotive for our 65-point inspection.

Regardless of who you are or what you drive, chances are that you already know that a tune up will help your vehicle run better. Fuel economy can be improved, acceleration can be more spirited (especially when it’s needed) and engine life can be extended.

Modern vehicles are more complex and sophisticated than ever. Not only are there your typical spark plugs, there are a large number of diagnostic sensors, on-board computers, and other devices that help make your vehicle run efficiently and properly.

When Does A Tune-Up Need To Be Done?

Does this mean that tune-ups are required less often than with older vehicles? What exactly IS a tune up? The answer to all these questions is, “It depends”.

The most accurate answer depends on the condition of your vehicle and what is actually needed. That answer will be determined by an experienced 3A Automotive technician.

Our technicians at 3A know how vehicles should run and have access to all the manufacturers recommendations. They also have access to all of the Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s). TSB’s are all the common problems and their solutions that have been discovered since the time your vehicle was manufactured. All of these come into consideration as to when you need a tune-up.

The various parts in your engine are designed to work in precise harmony and rhythm with one another, much like the singers in a church choir, or the muscles of a dancer. If someone – or something – is “off key” or “out of balance”, the performance will be diminished. The audience may not notice, but the singers and the dancer will know.

For the average person, something has to go noticeably wrong in order to know there is a problem. For an experienced technician, it’s their job to know what to look for, what to feel and how the vehicle should perform.

3A Automotive will provide you with any recommended tune up services so you can choose what plan of action works best for you – before something goes wrong. We will work with you on the best plan – for you – so your vehicle will work its best.
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