Honda Service and Repair

3A Automotive knows Hondas. Honda vehicles have such a great reputation that some people believe that Honda makes “the perfect car”. Although they are great, they still do need oil changes and inspections, and regular maintenance.

Unlike oil changes done at the quick lube facilities, a 3A Automotive regularly scheduled oil change includes a complimentary 65 point inspection performed be an ASE Certified Master level technician. Our highly experience technician and your friendly, knowledgeable service advisor work together with you so that you know what upcoming services that your Honda will need.

3A Automotive makes recommendations based on the actual condition of your vehicle, and suggestions based on what your owner’s manual recommends based on mileage.

Your owner’s manual refers to 30,000, 60,000, 90,000 mile services, and so on. These are called” interval services” because the recommendations are based on mileage averages.

Some dealership service departments have been known to “take poetic license” and write their own service intervals. Sadly, these types of dealers emphasize more frequent services than the people who designed, engineered and built your Honda.

Honda builds more gas powered engines than any other manufacturer on earth! They were the first Japanese import company to dedicate themselves to building vehicles in the United States. The Accord has been built in Marysville, Ohio since 1982. It’s safe to say that Honda knows what their cars typically need. 3A Automotive knows what your Honda actually needs because we follow the manufacturers recommendations as well as common sensed based on your driving habits.

Your vehicle needs care from the experts at 3A Automotive. We exist to service and maintain your Honda so you can save money. We can tell exactly what your Honda needs so you have peace of mind, regardless of what Honda you drive:

Accord, Crosstour, Civic, CR-V, CRX, CR-Z, del Sol, Element, Fit, Insight, Odyssey, Passport, Pilot, Prelude, Ridgeline, S2000
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