Cadillac Service and Repair

3A Automotive knows that Cadillac is a brand owned by people who enjoy the finer things in life. That does not mean that owning one should be expensive. One of the most costly decisions that a Cadillac owner can make is to let a well-meaning friend or neighbor “tinker with it” to “save you money”.

3A Automotive’s team of ASE Master Certified technicians have over 100 years of combined experience. We have the training, resources, and all the necessary tools and equipment needed to service your Cadillac right.

Maintenance of your Cadillac is an investment in your peace of mind. That investment pays off when it is made with the experts at 3A Automotive. Cadillac is not only one of the oldest, most established brands in the world; it is arguably one of the most technologically innovative brands in the world since its beginning in 1902.

Cadillac has offered numerous innovations, from “electric star” (versus turning a hand crank) to current technologies such as its computer controlled, magneto-rheological (whew that’s a big word) suspension system. This is considered to be the best and most sophisticated system of its kind in the world.

You may be thinking that the dealership is the best place to have your Cadillac serviced, especially since Cadillac is such a technologically advanced vehicle. Although that is a logical thought, with today’s technology available to all technicians, our certified technicians have every resource needed to ensure you get the best service options available. Not just “replace it with new” as the only option.

The number one purpose of the dealership is to sell cars. Our number one purpose is to help you get the most value out of your car by keeping it reliable and safe for the long-haul.

We service:

Allante, Brougham, Catera, Cimmaron, CTS, DTS, El Dorado, Escalade, de Ville series, Fleetwood, Seville, SRX, STS V-series, XLR, and others.
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