Fuel System Cleaning

A fuel system cleaning is a multi step process that cleans your fuel and air intake system to restore power and performance, burn fuel more efficiently & smooth out engine idle.

If the small nozzles on your fuel injectors are clogged, your car won’t get the necessary mixture of fuel it needs in order to perform its best.

If you notice the following:

A loss in your vehicle’s power
Lowered gas mileage
Delayed response after pressing the gas pedal
It might be time for a fuel system cleaning. You’ll save money in the long run.

Arizona Service Interval: Every 24,000 miles

NOTE: Due to the excessive heat and dust in Phoenix, and just about all of Arizona, we follow the “SEVERE CONDITIONS” service intervals recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Above is the average service intervals we recommend. Although this is a good guide, individual driving habits, fluid conditions and the owner’s manual can alter when these services are recommended on your specific vehicle.
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